Meet Kimberly Thorpe

Kimberly is a sought after transformational speaker, having first transformed her own life.  Kimberly is a native of Pontiac, Michigan with very humble beginnings.  Kimberly is a product of two high school sweethearts that dropped out of school to get married and start a family.  As a result of the decisions they made Kimberly learned first-hand what it was like to live with barely enough and depend on the community for handouts in order to survive.  This experience taught Kimberly that she must develop a plan in order to break the cycle of poverty.  Kimberly never accepted poverty as her fate, she worked hard and envisioned herself overcoming those circumstances.  Kimberly is a first generation college graduate.  She left home at the age of 17 to attend college a week after graduating from high school.  Kimberly's back against the wall mentality propelled her into her destiny to become successful and assist others with doing the same.

Reverend Kimberly Thorpe received her B.A. in Psychology from Oakland University and a Masters of Social Work Degree from The University of Michigan.  Kimberly has worked as Probation Officer, School Truancy Officer, Hospital Social Worker, Psychiatric Social Worker, Stay at Home Mom, Mental Health Therapist in private practice, and a Chief Administrator of several human service agencies.

Kimberly was licensed as minister of the gospel in 2009 and ordained as a reverend of the gospel in 2012.  Kimberly is called on to preach and teach the gospel.  Kimberly has facilitated marriage workshops, women conferences and spoken at women day programs.  Kimberly is also called upon to speak as the Keynote speaker for annual Mother Daughter Teas.  Kimberly has also taught biblical classes on a variety of topics, provided pre-marital counseling, marital counseling and family counseling.  

As an entrepreneur Kimberly has successfully birthed, owned and operated four businesses sustaining an annual revenue of over $1,000,000.00.  Kimberly provides consultation to Entrepreneurs interested in start-up business.  Kimberly has also provided coaching to entrepreneurs through the process of assisting them with identifying the right business and connecting to their vision.  Kimberly has facilitated staff trainings; she has successfully transformed the minds of many looking to take their career to the next level.  Kimberly has also worked with businesses interested in empowering and motivating their staff to increase their value to the business, resulting in increased productivity. 

Kimberly believes with certainty that every human being has what he or she needs to change their present circumstances and create something out of what appears to be nothing. Kimberly is known for encouraging those she come in contact with to pursue purpose, increase their value to mankind, serve others and commit to daily disciplines that will propel them into living life on purpose and according to purpose.

Kimberly has been married to Reverend Eliakim Thorpe for 17 years.  The two of them are the proud parents of 5 children and 2 grandchildren.